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Welcome to the Crypto Wave Park and Crypto Surf Shop

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The Crypto Surf Shop is the new web3 crypto platform for staking and riding on

Crypto Surf Boards  and Defi Wave Pools (crypto pair, like ETH/USD) that you can buy the token(like a basic surfboard with 1 fin) for the reward it offers(like the main fin gives 6% reflections back), and also stake the board in the pool pair (like the 2 additional fins in the pool, which also provides transaction fee rewards from staking the pair and providing liquidity to the wave pool), and you get to ride the ups and downs of the pool waves and get extra earnings, reflections and rewards back depending on the action of that pool.. Hawaii Cash Crypto Coin (HAWAII) ( and stake and ride crypto boards for  rewards and reflections in the CryptoSurfShop Boardroom crypto staking room and earn BUSD cash rewards and more.

Hawaiian Islands Crypto Coin Rewards Token

Hawaii Cash Coin (HAWAII) Crypto Rewards Token

Official HAWAII Contract Address:  0xe156F3a89342E34D7090e2CC5D26F024750377De - Hawaiian Decentralised Autonomous Organization and Hawaii DeFi Hawaii Decentralized Finance and new Hawaiian crypto currency aka Hawaii Kala Hawaii Kash   and Virtual Meta Hawaii Land Platform www.MetaHawaii.Land (DUKES) Duke Kahanamoku Crypto Coin Cash Rewards and NFTs (SURFER) Rewards Coin and and Surfer Shiba NFTs  www.Shredn.App (SHREDN) Shred to Earn App and ShrednTV video platform Aloha social chat app and crypto network

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Hawaii Cash Coin

Official HAWAII Contract Address:  0xe156F3a89342E34D7090e2CC5D26F024750377De  |  |  |